Flat Dark Earth's Bio

We are based out of New Holstein Wisconsin

Genre: Nu-Metal / Alternative Metal

Label: Undie Music Inc.


Tim Heinen - Drums

Justin Brill - Guitar

Cliff Wagner - Lead Vocals

Corey Fritschka - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


As of 2014 Flat Dark Earth has decided to no longer put out or produce full length albums. Sad we know. However they are going to continue writing and recording music as E.P.s. Their first E.P. due to release in July 2014 is "Ascending From Ashes". This is a hard hitting 4 song E.P. that you will want in your collection.

Flat Dark Earth has went through some changes over the past 4 years aside from the multiple bass player changes they also have now split with founding drummer Kyle Lemery and second guitarist Scott Engel. They have teamed up with bass player Corey Fristchka and drummer Tim Heinen to become the high energy 4 piece that you will need to see live!!!

Flat Dark Earth has offically signed to Undie Music Inc. a small independent label out of Canada. You can download our first album "Memoirs of Pain and Anguish" for free on our music page or at reverbnation.com. We are currently playing shows and building a fan base around Wisconsin. We will hopefully be playing shows out of Wisconsin soon. 

The Beginning

Flat Dark Earth (FDE) formed in 2010 originally in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (currently in New Holstein, WI) by Kyle Lemery (drums) and Cliff Wagner (vocals). Kyle and Cliff had been in a band together from 2000-2002. After that band broke up they went their separate ways.

Music Brought Them Together

In late 2009 Kyle and Cliff began talking about how much they enjoyed creating music, and in early 2010 they were back at it. About a month later Justin Brill (guitar) joined the band. He was highly recommended by a mutual friend of Cliff’s.
Kyle, Cliff and Justin had a love for heavy metal and rock music. They decided to start writing and creating music together. Geeshik Borgenhagen (Bass) a long time friend of Kyle and a mutual friend of Cliff offered to play bass for the band.

Recorded Music

While in the music making process, the original plan was to create ten songs and record them. After some deliberation they decided to make a three song E.P. This was a difficult process for many reasons. The biggest problem was picking what three songs they wanted to use that would best represent the band. They looked into many different recording studios and finally found one that fit and worked with them. In the summer of 2010 Flat Dark Earth went to Madison Wisconsin and recorded their three song E.P. at Paradyme Productions. After many trips to Madison and any extra cash the band had, they finally finished it to their liking. FDE went back into the studio to work with Jay Visser at Sixsound Studios. They recorded their first full length CD entitled "Memoirs of Pain and Anguish" in January 2012. After many shows in support of their CD they went back into the writing process. They are currently writing their second full length album. It is promised to be heavier, groovier, and more in your face then their first. Be patient it will be worth it.

New Members

Flat Dark Earth has had many member changes to date. Their current line up is Cliff Wagner on lead vocals, Corey Fritshka on bass guitar and backing vocals, Justin Brill on guitar, and Tim Heinen on drums.

What’s to come

Flat Dark Earth are now doing live shows. In between the live shows they will continue to create music that they love. They are looking to do as many shows as their schedules will allow and continue to make music as much as possible. Keep checking out their website, facebook page, myspace page, Reverbnation, or G.I. Jams to see what is new and what is coming next.

10 Soldier - Civilian.mp3

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